Electronic Circuit and Mechanical Design Services:

Electronic Circuit Design

CAD Design Software's Electronic Packaging Designer

  • PCB, Flex, Thick/Thin Film, and LTCC/HTCC

  • Single layer and multilayer stack up

  • Gerber, NC drill and NC punch file output


  • Schematics

  • Net lists

  • Fabrication drawings

  • Assembly drawings

  • Associated hardware and enclosure designs

  • Net check and DRC reports

  • Parts lists (BOM)

Gerber conversion

  • Formats acceptable from customer:

    • AutoCAD DWG

    • AutoCAD DXF

    • Gerber RS 274-X

    • Gerber RS 274-D with aperture data

    • PADS 2007 neutral file

    • IPC-D-356 and PADS net list

  • Formats output for customer:

    • Gerber RS 274-X

    • Gerber RS 274-D with aperture data

    • Excellon NC drill

    • NC Punch data

    • AutoCAD DWG or DXF

    • PDF

    • PADS neutral file

    • IPC-D-356/IPC-D-356A

3D generation

  • Output as SAT (ACIS)

  • Output as IDF v3

Mechanical Design

  • Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing in accordance with Y14.5M or to your specifications

  • Milling, weldment, and casting drawings

  • Conversion of paper drawings to CAD

  • Change orders to existing designs

  • 2D to 3D creation and 3D generation

  • AutoCAD or Inventor