TDCAD is a design service whose primary function is circuit design with a strong background in RF and microelectronics. Having over 30 years experience in electronic design as well as mechanical design, support for your designs from prototype through to production release can be provided. Rebuilding of existing circuits from Gerber files is also available.

Whether you are starting a new design or rebuilding, full documentation from schematic to fabrication and assembly drawings, to mechanical design is available.


Why choose a design service?

If you are a small company with only a few key projects throughout the year, it may not be in the budget to hire a full time designer, considering salary, benefits, possible additional hardware and software, and maybe training. If you are a larger company with many projects, at times projects can run into scheduling conflicts where no one is available internally to work on the design. TDCAD can provide the support you need.


RF - Analog - Digital

Thick/Thin Film – LTCC/HTCC – Flex - PCB